Aqif Hysa – Albanian Poet

A short biography of the poet Aqif Hysa
Aqif Hysa was born on 9 May 1960 in Shetel of Shijak from where he received the first raw material for the poetic citizenship.
Since earlier he has studied the poetry, the truth and itself.
The first volume of poetry “See you somewhere” (Shihemi diku) was published by the publishing house “Naim Frasheri”, Tirana 1999.
In 1996 he decided to overcome the sea, in search of the space, holding as a compass the horizon’s line. In 1996 he published in italian language the poetic volume “Erranti come gli dei” (Wanderer as Gods) (Endacak si zotat).
He continues to write poetry and his fate in the southern landscapes of the coast beyond, the italian one. The book “The escape poem” (Poema e ikjes) is his last publication.

Notes about the poetries of the poet Aqif Hysa

Professor Alberto Altmura writes about the poetries of the poet Aqif Hysa:
Aqif Hysa, if at one side complies with Europian literary tradition, on the other hand shows to have acquired the “citizenship” values expressed by his poetry: the authentic love for the peace and punishment for any kind of war, the aspiration for human brotherhood and the erection of barriers, not only physical, but economic and political, the rejection of hypocrisy and the empty formalisms.
In this framework extends his lyrical song, characterized by a kind of naive astonishment (and at the same time insidious) in front of the spectacle of life, nature and love. It is immediately felt that Aqif Hysa has the poetry in his blood, by the way he “cooks” his verses and spread in the ingredients of poetry a very special music and a powerful rhythm.

My eye draws a leaf

My eye
Draws a leaf
It shakes
It avoids stealthily
Shortly before it gets dark
in wind
an eyelash-leaf
shudders the space

Aqif Hysa
Albanian Poet

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