Even the stars die


Valiu was shocked. It was not a dancing. It was a storm, flame and fire, was a call and a clarion for war. It was the scream for the life and contempt for the death. Arnaut blew in the face his contempt. The shameless! The heart began to beat strongly and in the chest he felt a vinegary constraint. Arnauti was kidding with him, he became brave and despised death. With that dance he reminded him the dikes and soldiers who were killed and cut in the woods and gorges. What about that bridge? He wanted to confess that if they infringed even on their bodies, they would continue to fight from generation to generation. With this dance he had said what he couldn’t say with words. He had spoken with his body. Since there are no guns and other opportunities, as it seems he wants to kill me with this dance, thought Vali that the constraint of the heart was becoming heavy.
-What do you think about this dance, Myderiz Efendi?
-The jinn have entered in the body of Arnaut, Vali Pasha. He thinks the rope is a baby’s toy.
Vali also asked his grace Dhespot. But Dhespoti raised his shoulders not knowing what to say and did the cross. “The christian feels good that they humiliate me”, – he thought.
In the garret, Gjylyzari, was fused and was made one with the dancer. The music entered in the soul and her whole being danced and became happy as in a divine ecstasy. In a moment of unconsciousness, he wanted to be there, with him out of that cruel cage. Not willingly he cried and pushed the cage with all the force he had, which was ripped off with grind. He wanted to be there at the square dance. Hava Hanemi managed to catch him and hold him not to plunge from the second floor of tower garret. People who were standing by turned there and released an “Oh!” Valide Hanemi almost fainted. She arose and went with haste in tower. Valiu shook his fists so much, as the nails entered in the skin. Gjylyzari left the garret and entered in. The dance had finished. He sat on the sofa. She was shocked and murdered soul, the body was numb, asthma was taking his breath, shed of tears made his sight foggy. She put her arms on the knees, bowed his head and started to hardly breath and cry. Hava Hanemi, even she’s shocked, tried to calm her daughter.
-No, – she said, – he shouldn’t die. He is so young and, oh God, forgive me! So handsome, so young, handsome Osman Taka. Osman very handsome! A peerless dancer who is not afraid of death but banter and deride it.
Crying so much, she pereated the same things, then she cried and a bad hiccup caught her. Hava sent the servant to call the madam. She said the same things to her mother and begged to seek her father to save the life of the handsome Osman.
While in tower were happening these things, the dance had finished. The violinists left. They didn’t want to see death after that triumph of life. The preparations for hanging the condemned were being made. The executioner, a black arap tied his hands behind the back, rode him over the wooden platform of the hanging square and put in his neck the rope chain that smell wax.
-I didn’t know that death smelled wax, – he said to the executioner. Then he folded in two a head scarf and wanted to tie his eyes.
-No, – said Osman quietly. – i want to see death in its eye!
A servant of the house approached to Vali, did cringe and mumble something in the ear. The vali flame red in the face rose and gave orders not to act without his orders. Everything froze.
In the great chamber broke disorders. He daughter ran towards him, hugged his knees and kissed his feet.
-Oh father, have mercy and forgive the life of Osman Taka! He is so young, so brave, so handsome…
Vali rose her daughter and sat her on the sofa.
-So much do you like him, you want to marry him?
-Gjylyzari assembled himself, a sudden grace fell in his face and the smile lightened his face, decline the eyes and answered her father as to talk to emptiness:
-Ah, if I had that destiny?!
The gall of his daughter raged Vali, he wanted to say severe words, to call her sluttish, bitch, perky, insolent, but he bite the tongue and didn’t let the words to get out the fence of the teeth. Hava Hanemi was there and the words would spread. All the people would mock with them.
-What about Valide Hanemi, what does she advice? – he addressed his wife.
-We have a single daughter; she is the light of our eyes and hope of our lives. Hope God will make you listen to this desire!
-Hanemi of mylazimi has anything to tell us?
Hava Hanemi herself was shocked and confused by how she had seen. Beauty and grace of that man was removed neither from the mind nor from the eyes.
-I am honored Vali Pasha that you ask even an advice by me. Make glad your single daughter and Valide Hanemi! You are their shelter and God. The empire doesn’t break because is forgiven the life to a heroic outlawer. The empire is not great, it has had and will always have trouble. The death of an Arnaut will not extinguish them.
-Highest and honorable ladies. You are three and beat me. A knowledgeable said that it is easier to command battalion with soldiers than the women of your house. But that rebel, unfaithful has dared to rise against Padishahu. They want to make Albania. But our Sultan, may God add the long-lived has a severe shade, in every corner of the empire. His punishment is God’s mercy.
He thought, put his cunning mind at work, called for help the oriental cunning and then he said to the ladies:
-May your will be done! I will forgive his life, but I will let death behind him.
The executioner, soldiers and people standing by were waiting. Osman Taka who was waiting for his life to end, with the rope chain in his neck, saw the sky birds that flew westward.
Vali approached the gallows. Executioner was about to kick the wooden bench. Vali raised his hand:
-Put off the rope! The hanging is postponed until a second order!
Lock the prisoner in the castle cornet.
It was a relief for everyone.
It was enough only the first part of the show, the human one and not the cruel. The sentence of Osman Taka was forgiven. The news spread everywhere. From Konispol came the horsemen that brought the white horse and he after had triumphed over death with the force of life and had given his name to a dance, flew to his hometown.

Resmi Osmani

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