Three brothers, the inception of a legend

(Marin, Paulin and Ernest Rrazi – a world of challenges)

One day, my friend, Aleksandër Zefi or the Elder of Shkodra as his acquaintances used to call him, told me:
– Chief, when will be the case I want to introduce you with some good friends, very rare friends, as you like them to have. They are three brothers, businessmen from Kaç village of Shkodra.
– No objection, if you like we can meet even today, – I replied.
– Ehe, where to find them today because the live in Italy, – replied the Elder as embarrassed.
– Well, when they will be in Italy then, – I said without discussing any longer.
A couple of weeks had gone when suddenly the Elder came at my office with another person, a boy about thirty years old, apparently with a medium body and with black beard. Me and the Elder hugged each other without giving too much importance to the companion.
– This is Nesti, Ernest Rranzi for whom I have told you, – opened the discussion the Elder presenting me the boy.
I remained for an instance with the shoulder mounted.
– He is my friend, one of the three brothers who live in Italy. Do you remember, I have told you something about them…
– Aha, yes! – I reminded and shook the hand to the newcomer.
– I am an intellectual as well despite my beard, I like to have this beard, – said Nesti as he wanted to justify his look which did not gave you a good impression immediately, while he was shaking my hand.
– Even the scientist do like having beard, it is a normal thing, – I laughed and kept on shaking his hand as I wanted to show some affection, as we were old friends.
I invited them to sit down and started to discuss slowly. Nesti told me that he was the younger of the three brothers. He was born in Kaç of Shkodra on 3 October 1981 in a family with political problems as the majority of Shkodra’s families which were opponents of the communist regime. In the middle of the years ’90, with the idea for a better life, he had gone in the tracks of his brothers emigrating in Italy. They were get together and worked hard in migration. Was the will of God and they went ahead. They became rich. They made their families in Italy. There they constructed even their business. Later on they came in village, in Kaç, and constructed new homes. In 2005, in their zone, they created an Albanian firm with the given name “Tre vëllerizit shpk”. They invested and set up also a factory with the name “Marina” for the production of mineral water and soft drinks.
Now, their Italian and Albanian have more than 100 persons employed from the village, district, Albania and Italy. So, the three brothers helped also their co-villagers and their acquaintances. Nesti kept on talking and his life with such an interesting flow, imposed me respect. I thought that the Elder was not wrong in selecting his friends. So, the three brothers must be indeed good friends as it was spoken. Nesti told me that the older brother, Marin, leaded the business in Albania while Paulin, the second one, who was even the most versatile in relation with foreign partners and investors, leaded the businesses in Italy. They had their firm in the environment sector in the region of Lombardy and some common firms with Italian businessmen.
Nesti himself took after the environment sector. The collaboration diplomacies with banks, partners and investors were carried out by Paulin. He was born for this affairs. And he was successful. He was full of ideas and realizations.
I was listening the confession of Nesti and I imagined the hard work the three brothers used to make. United in a work force such harmonic, those three were certainly as a inexhaustible energy source, as a gigantic hydro power plant turbine put in movement by the river of their wisdom and the experience they had facing the life’s challenges in migration.
Nesti told me that by nature they were people with charity spirit and that they liked too much the idea to work for Peace, but they did not know how to do this. Albeit they had the opportunity they wanted to collaborate with the organization leaded by me. So, to be members of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.
I replied that I felt honoured to have those successful boys as collaborators in my mission for peace. I told him that it was my desire to know also Marin and Paulin.
Ernest Rranzi, be understood, was too much pleased by my reception and conversation. They greeted each other as they were old friends, with the promise that they would collaborate for long in the noble mission to return back peace everywhere in the world.
It is known that good people find very easy the opportunity of collaboration. Without passing a month by the meeting with Ernest, came to know Albania the investor Jennifer Lim from South Korea accompanied by her two advisors. Among others I planned even a visit in Kaç village in the factory of the three brothers from Shkodra.
The Kaç village is situated somewhere after Bushat, in the lowland beside the Vau i Dejës hydro power plant. So, it is a part of the municipality of Vau i Dejës. The land where is situated the village, one of the most fertile area, was full of constructions, from the most beautiful. Somewhere between them was set up the buildings complex of “Marina” factory, distributed in one area of some hectares. Its first view is impressive. It was really an investion with values for the area.
In the factory entrance Marin was waiting for us, the older of the three brothers. After we greeted with each others, he accompanied us in the inner environments of the buildings complex. It was indeed a modern factory, with equipments and machinery of the last type which must be envied even by the best European investors. As it seem, the three brothers were boys with a bright future.
Marin Rranzi, with a sportsman body and with a debonair view, accompanied us from one department to the other and explained everything with his coarse and slow voice, although there was no room for explanations, the work used to talk itself.
The investor Jennifer Lim was marvelled by all those he she saw and she was felt as in her home. She said that she knew very well the process of the production of mineral water because even she had such a factory in Korea. So, there was the opportunity to collaborate together in the future. Even the lunch prepared for us, after the visit in the factory, was a surprise. We had lunch and discussed very long in a picturesque local somewhere in the green grove in the shore of the hydro power plant lake.
Marin talked time after time for their life and work. He talked about the roots of their family. He confessed that they had the origin from the Rranzaj’s mead of Bushat. So, they are local indigenous for more than 600 years. They had moved only for a period of time obligated by the persecution of Turkish invaders and were placed in Orosh of Mirdita, in Gjakova of Kosova and later on they turned back in Dedaj of Mirdita. About one hundred and fifty years before they turned back and were placed definitively in Kaç where they are situated even now. So, that land where their house and factory stood they had inherited grandfather after grandfather. Generation after generation they were an intellectual family that had combined the job of state official with the opportunities that the agriculture and livestock economy in the countryside provided. Their grandfather Gjergj Simon Rranzi was a real patriot, as well as their ancestors.
The father of three brothers, Jak Rranzi, of the birthday 14 May 1941, was electrician. He worked about 30 years in different areas of Shkodra distinct, whereas 5 last years, before he retired, he worked in the water company of Vau Dejes. He was eligible man and worked very much and couldn’t bear injustice. He often rebelled and talked a lot against bureaucratic actions of communist rule, although he was a member of the Labour Party. It hurt in his soul that wrong policies of the communist state were making the Albanians poorer and poorer. He said that even in Kosovo under Serbian rule, people were richer: every house had its own tractor. Apparently in 1973 he fed up with rebellious behaviour, therefore the communist leaders dismissed from the ranks of the party and for their family started the political persecution. Many times he was threatened to be arrested. However people appreciated very much his word and kept as one of the most honourable men of the area.
Jak Rranzi died in 26 June 2010. He left his wife and eight children, five girls and three boys who loved each-other very much. They escorted him from this world with the memorial epitaph: “In June our father died. In the hands of his sons he died and to Christ Jaku went. In glory and parris, may his name never be blotted!”…
Now five sisters and three brothers find consolation in their mother. She is called Gonxhe and is about 65 years old. The entire life she has worked in cooperative and after 1990, with the advent of democracy, she devoted to her children and home. Marin Rranzi spoke even for himself. He confessed that he was born in Kaç on 12 January 1972. After high school and army, as the communist system collapsed, he as many other Albanians, with the dream of a more beautiful life, took the path of exile. He worked in Italy. The three brothers raised their business in Italy and Albania. Marini says that the three brothers are truly successful in business, but their work has not been easy. They have made all sorts of jobs from the most tedious in emigration, until they were employed in the Italian company “Teknova Ambiente”, which is now their property. So, they have worked day and night very much until they came to light. Now Marin Rranzi is returned with his whole family in birthplace and is committed to managing the business, which they raised with savings of their work in emigration. Marin tells that the three brothers with their work also help the fellows. They also work for the welfare of the village. They have realized with their investments the lighting of the streets and environments; have also built the bridge that links the village with other areas. So, they are a great help for local government of Shkodra. No wonder the three brothers are well known with the speaker of Parliament, Mrs Jozefina Topalli and the President of the Republic, Mr Bamir Topi, who are grateful politicians that have appreciated very much the contribution of Rranzi family into Albanian life.
Paulin Rranzi, the second brother, came to the headquarter of the organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity with the desire to cooperate as a Missionary of Peace. At first glance he is an impressive young man of athlete stature above average, with typical behaviour of the diplomat. During the conversation it is immediately understood that he is an erudite intellectual with comprehensive information on life and the world. We were met and known about 15 years ago, but the interest he was showing for the mission he is leading now, urged and deepened the formerly friendship in a new way toward common ideal: Personalities – Missionaries of Peace. He very quickly became part of the staff of our mission.
Here is how can be shortly portrayed the biography of this young man with dreams, desires and numerous ideals for a fighting life in the service of Human Peace: Paulin Rranzi was born in Kaç of Shkodra distinct on 12 March 1978. He is graduated for justice. Now he lives in Bargamo of Italy. He is one of the most successful Albanian businessmen. He is leader and shareholder in some companies that operate in different areas in Italy and Albania. He is member of the board of directors of the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity. Paulin Rranzi, with his work as a Missionary of Peace and humanitarian, tries to help people in need. Thanks to the commitment for Peace, he has established friendships with many prominent personalities in the world, especially with those of Vatican. Paulin Rranzi, as journalist and writer, has published a series of writings on the progress of peace in the world and its missionaries. So, he is not only businessman, but even worthy member of the intellectual elites in Italy and in Albania, willing to sacrifice as all the best patriots for the Albanian national issue and World Peace. Paulin, as all missionaries’ personalities, is keen on family life and speaks for his children with that great compassion that characterizes the large-hearted fathers.
As a Peace Missionary and charitable personality, Paulin is decorated with the Cross of Merit by the international organization AMES, based in Italy. Three brothers, Marin, Paulin and Ernest Rranzi, with colours of their life more or less the same, in the eyes of the people interested to cooperate with them, with that world full of challenges and adventures tend toward the same ideal, towards the dreams to change and improve the lives of individuals that surround, recall the legend of the three former French musketeers. The three brothers, as three modern musketeers, fight together for justice, peace and development, for an earthly paradise in Albania, in the Balkans and in the world…

Shefki Hysa

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